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jordan boring

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grave architecture [06 Nov 2006|04:07am]
[ mood | good! ]

so earlier i almost smoked some dead ladybugs. i bet those get you real high. honestly i spilled some weed and tried to recover it in my dimly lit bay window. i'm glad i decided to turn the light on.

but no more! no more will i have to live in oppression. very soon i will be able to smoke on my porch, on my couch, in my bed, wherever. november fifteen spells my new era @ 413 south gregg st. its a cozy little house. and with my like-minded roommate and prime location, it should be a great place to be. i'm getting art and furniture and all the things that make a proper living space. thats the idea anyway.

music has been very functional for me lately. i've been listening to get into a specific state of mind. winsome folk dudes for chilling out. battle metal on the way to work. electro for deep thinking time or whatever. electro is really kinda whatever to me. seems like i listen to it for multiple settings, definitely moreso than other stuff.

i met a comix buddy at work. we talked shop the other night and turns out she is way off into graphic novels. she was even geeked over the marvels hardcover! totally awesome. its nice to know someone else who is into this stuff. and its an inspiring sign that acme is starting to carry alot more indie stuff these days.

things are good and steady. and i cant cant wait for november to set in. time to curl up with a book and time for cold feet and other cold weather delights.

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if this is your idea of love, what can i do? [07 Oct 2006|03:21am]
[ mood | balancing ]

time has been at a premium lately and human interaction has resultingly been strained.

i'm in a race against the clock i dont think i can win. three weeks to get it all together but its all still horizontal movement. what is vertical and can anything that i do be in an upward trajectory?

i spent today, a day off, watching battlestar galactica getting primed for tonite's season premier. so so intense and i am actually engrossed in a television show. sci fi as social commentary is a favorite but unexplored pleasure.

just received in the mail mcsweeney's quarterly concern #19 which comes packaged in this kinda cigar box that contains both real and faux historical documents. "how you can use your zodiac sign to help the republican party". tried to read gilbert hernandez's new one "sloth" @ cool beans but was interupted by a loud, overly-gregarious joe dirt type character. maybe more like ronnie dobbs past his lawless years.

material goods are a bright spot. if enjoying books so much is a sign of an empty life then consider my day-to-day a vaccuum. i do work hard for my money and not buying things i want would be totally unthinkable. excelsior consumption!

yesterday was horrible. wasting time in columbia, south carolina is a fate worse than hell. at least in hell something happens to evoke feeling. normally i'm fine living in a bubble but i do require at least some external stimulus, something to look at and make me wonder.

sushi tonite was a needed reprieve. just me and the fish making peace with the world.

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green was the color of the day. [20 Sep 2006|11:15pm]
[ mood | action hero ]

wow, what an active day off. after eight straight days of work, i was gifted a full day away from both jobs. apparently i'm a cat. because on my days off i tend to dick around on the net all day and nap. but if i'm out, "on the prowl", then i tend to have a much more outgoing time.

+++ Wake up @ 9 a.m. with tony little in my ear saying "get up and go get the world!". promptly fall back asleep until noon.

+++ Enjoy a rousing cigarette on the porch to the totally booorrrinnng local news. yeah yeah another cat is stuck in a tree.

+++ Lunch @ touch of india. i love sweating while i eat. its the spice of life har har. get denied a request for rice pudding but instead be schooled on the qualities of this grainy sweet dessert made with milk, creme of wheat and maybe a touch of magic.

+++ Trip to american apparel. putting together a wardrobe in my head and finally tackling a very pressing need with my fat bankroll.

+++ Interlude @ cool beans. possibly inflammatory conversation with patrick masterson. we may have been lynched for our heresey.

+++ Wonderful walk to the library science grad school office, velvet underground on the ipod. relieved to find out i still have a month and ahalf to apply.

+++ Random meetup with lauren to uh "do the business". if you know me then you know what i mean by that. watched "i love the 90's", bought some goods, and acquired burnt cds of gary numan and omd.

+++ Spiritual awakening putting together my "Treetop Drive" radio show @ WUSC. its also gonna show up on a mix for...its for a person. i never make mixes for people because i dont do well with making it personal. i find it much easier to dj for a faceless audience than for a good friend. with that said, here is the playlist:

1. earth - an inquest concerning truth
2. aligator crystal moth - kerosene hat
3. lsd march - clepsydra flames
4. psychic ills - electric life
5. acid mothers temple - poppy rock
6. vibracathedral orchestra - aeolian cistern
7. rapoon - sky heroes
8. skullflower - orange canyon mind
9. growing - in the shadow of the mountain
10. pelican - angel tears (justin broderick remix)
11. deathprod - treetop drive II
12. paavoharju - syvyys
13. animal collective - too soon
14. excepter - jthrone (three)
15. the blithe sons - place of the past
16. shugo tokumaru - light chair
17. wooden wand - leave your perch
18. lau nau - jos minulla olin
19. thee silver mt. zion - teddy rosevelt's guns
20. spectre folk - indianana
21. samara lubelski - cave dweller open your door!
22. mouthus - this is my snow
23. tortoise - the suspension bridge
24. stromba - manphibian
25. no-neck blues band - lugnagall
26. songs of green pheasant - until...
27. six organs of admittance - V (from "for octavio pas")
28. yuichiro fujimoto - listen to grandpa's youth
29. tim hecker - jimmy
30. fennesz - circassian
31. porn sword tobacco - nah he vapourised

+++ unexpected drop into hunter-gatherer for dinner. was bought a vodka tonic by one ross taylor across the bar. talk life with ross and realized how thankful i am to know that guy. ps - vinegar-based bbq sandwich with slaw and mac-n-cheese for dinner. quite delicious.

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fast sounds [05 Sep 2006|12:26am]
[ mood | battle-tested ]

+++ evil explosive cigarettes from goatfeathers, a noted pit of sin.

+++ tony jaa's the protector opening this weekend. tarantino is putting his weight behind it and tony jaa is all set to become the next big martial arts phenom. dont sleep on his u.s. debut, ong-bok: thai warrior.

+++ netflix community. i want to find out what everyone is watching!! yet another superaddictive timewaster.

+++ dispensing of nearly 400 at lunch today. afterwards i felt like i'd just taken troy or stormed normandy. they dont call us the firing line for nothing.

+++ finding out the new guy @ sounds familiar is brent fucking appling and not some douchebag.

+++ once again for those who havent been paying attention!! minimal-electronik plus on east village radio. i'm not even gonna link you this time.

- - - scars come from any good battle. today i've developed a left eye twitch, probably from distilled nervous tension on the line, punishing customers.

- - - puking up orange cheez-it bits on sat nite. apparently i cant handle articificial cheddar flavoring.

- - - totally dominating on FIFA 06. its on the highest setting, i'm playing with a shit team, still whipping everyone else. i need to enter a competition for money or something.

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digging lessons [01 Sep 2006|10:45pm]
[ mood | pretty october ]

i've gotta get out of here. stagnation is setting in. that creeping immobility, resting on my shoulders and floating just behind my eyes. i don't like it and the only thing i can do is keep moving. "when you're supposed to go down, find the deepest well and go down to the bottom". thats exactly where i'm standing with nothing but a half-moon night sky overhead and seemingly so far out of reach.

i'm looking to motivate myself. tonight i watched lost in translation with my mom. just another excuse to see the movie and also rub in the fact that unless i get with it i will never see tokyo while i'm young. i believe at some point a heavy reality wrapped itself around me. i have to get out now and nail down those first steps toward a more fulfilling life.

other than general dissatisfaction, life is fine. the sun rises and the sun sets. and i keep thoroughly going thru the motions. yeah. right. life is not simply a collection of days.

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america america is killing its youth. [27 Aug 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | dufus ]

the days are just packed. (i just stole that line from the title of a calvin&hobbes collection on my bookshelf). i used to collect them as a kid. it was an innocent sort of enjoyment. i later found out the duo are named after John Calvin (of Calvinism fame) and Thomas Hobbes (an enlightenment thinker and total hater). the wikipedia entry also delivers wanky academic commentary that makes me fairly proud that i was such a scholarly child.

i am now the proud owner of an ipod. happy birthday, mr. president, i guess. except that the only presidential thing about me is the weed i smoke. armed with a book and an ipod, i can now ignore most of the commotion and people of public places, unwanted social excursions. mostly i am excited about drowning out the regulars in cool beans. ipod as conversation starter could be a hope for the future.

i think i'm going to breakdown and buy a newcastle united jersey. i've been a solid fan for about six years now and i believe i'm due for a proper shirt. i'd always had a passing interest in the game whenever the world cup would roll around. after the 1998 cup, with soccer gaining more popularity in the US, fox sports started showing a two hour weekly highlight show from the english premier league. i was soon hooked on what now looks to be a lifelong obsession. it was all about the personalities of these crazy europeans and how so much different they were than the american sports stars i was used to.

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[15 Aug 2006|09:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

summertime and the livin is easy.

my sister just caught me doing the robot. then i played it off like i was stretching.

all this chairdancing is thanx to east village radio. so much cool grimey urban shit on here. and by grimey i could mean williamsburg grimey. anyway, dark and urban. "basquiatesque". minimal electro, early early post punk + new wave, old school hiphop, detroit house. that sorta stuff. especially into radio heart, minimal
-electronik plus
, analog soul, and robotradio.

troubled sleep is back for another season, somehow. thurs nite 10pm-mid est on wusc. hopefully notching it up to being mixed thru ableton live. i have passion and drive for this show.

the week's paid starts on thurs. weds nite the birth week officially begins with a fine family-purchased dinner and seeing the walkmen. thurs brings my new record store post and the radio show @ 9. friday is seeing motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane (corny but necessary). and a nite out on the town. and saturday is the inuyasha (thanx holly!) birthday bash with sushi, sake, and a tatami room. good times on deck.

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august is the month for ska [02 Aug 2006|09:36pm]
[ mood | stoner ]

+ + + august cannot and will not ever be the month for ska as long as i am living. august is the month of my birth and i wont let it be disgraced in that way. august is the month for a week's paid vacation. august is the month for a tatami room @ inakaya in a co-birthday collab between myself and glenn. august is the month to see the wu tang clan. august is when i was born and i try to keep it right.

+ + + if i were an artist and could paint my porch at night. i would have to give everything big auras under the flickering candle light. somehow make visual the sound of the cicadas, crickets, and frogs.

+ + + cant wait for french ligue 1 to start. cant wait for lyon to stomp all comers. props to these guys at lyon who make the champions league a better place every year. to lyon who have won the french league FIVE years in a row. end of last season, these guys painted their entire heads team colors (red/white/blue) and played a game where they disgraced some team 5-0 by not even giving a shit.

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[01 Aug 2006|09:57pm]
[ mood | chill ]

+ + + stoned at my parents. for the first time while theyre home anyhow. its sorta fatalistic of me but i think things will be more laughable when they catch me in the act. say if i sat off the fire alarm or something. it'd be a heartwarming sitcom moment. if it wasnt so goddamn hot every day and we didnt have a black tile roof, i'd consider crawling out my upstairs window and baking on the roof. maybe in autumn.

+ + + its safe to say john dwyer can be considered an authentic musical genius. this is the same guy of coachwhips and pink&brown fame. totally manic, fuzzed-out shit, and as pictured above often wore masks. this is the same guy who does ocs, a super lo-fi kinda innocent rural folk thing. the man can maintain and fully express these two very opposite ends of the spectrum. totally amazing to me.

+ + + threw out a third-world country amount of waste today. cleaning away five years of nostalgia. some findings:

+ autographed copy of gary michael capeta's professional wrestling memoir and expose. interviewed him as a freshman when he swung through on a book tour. i was a total wrestling mark at the time and almost lost my shit meeting the long time wwf ring announcer.

+ old tapes of wusc's revolution and wednesday night shag radio shows from when i was in high school. techno and drum-n-bass respectively. i wanted to get into dj'ing back then. but it was too expensive. regretably i did own kikwearz and rocked shelltoes. i think a magnificient feat for anyone in rural south carolina to pull off circa 1998. i liked dragonball z too, having run across the original dragonball years earlier when i was having a particularly fruitful period of skipping sunday school.

+ these comic book artists/writers trading cards i received in a package from yip-yip when i wrote them about getting their demo. they arent even art, the cards, instead they are lameass "in-depth" bios of the nerds behind superhero comics. some useful info, yeah, but nothing i really want to know like "how many white castle burgers can chris claremont run through in a sitting".

+ uh, lots and lots of promos i've accumulated over the years. random free shit, either samplers and full lengths in shitty white wax paper sleeves without art or tracklistings. i'm donating alot of this stuff to castle olympus's library. seeing how much a media hound i am i could donate quite a few tv movies recorded onto video cassette. maybe people can find use for this stuff. i never know. i am looking forward to getting together with keven to work on an ableton mix for my show. this is gonna be like when dylan first went electric or some shit. i don't know what to expect.

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in sounds for a better tomorrow [26 Jul 2006|09:26pm]
[ mood | deep thoughts ]

+ + + + tonite, under siege by moths, i was gifted a seemingly endless bowl of purple haze.

+ + + + last night, tony bourdain went to montreal and made it seem like the best possible place in the world. they ate a local quebec dish called poutilles(?) which was french fries, cheese curd, and bacon (maybe?). definitely a heartstopper, one to make you pound your chest like a superfan. i think my next big foray into the world will have to be into montreal. spring 07 lets make it happen.

+ + + + speaking of tony bourdain, i just got "kitchen confidential" in the mail from amazon. an apparent must read for anyone in the restaurant biz and servant industry as a whole. i really enjoy his "cook's tour" diary, the book and the show. and also bourdain's willing acceptance of pure excess. he really doesnt give a fuck and comes across as the coolest, most withit guy ever. he ate a twelve course meal of foie gras!! ps -- i think i want to seek out some foie gras for my bday. oh shit, oh six! its gonna be a big one. i hope to set the tone a bit better than shots of black velvet did for my twenty-second.

+ + + + earlier i decided that steven speilberg and stanley kubrick probably had some connection with illuminatus beings. if you look at the themes of films like close encounters, e.t., 2001: a space odyssey, and even dr. strangelove. maybe i'm going off the deep end but i've always been a conspiracy buff. maybe its the grey lodge occult review, a site which is linked and in partnership with the venerable ubuweb. these places are like an encyclopeida of experimental work. grey lodge, interestingly enough, goes on a very occult, search-for-ultimate-knowledge tip that throws everything from alistair crowley, jean baudrillard, albert pike, alduous huxley, and tons tons more at you. all coming with very different points that (apparently, supposedly) lead up to this one total consciousness or something. definitely a worthy pursuit and a mindboggling amount of information to dive into.

+ + + + comedy central's block of the daily show, the colbert report, chappelle's show, and south park really has me sucked in. to me, the guys behind these shows are the only operating geniuses reaching mass amounts of people. colbert, especially, is shaking things up. its sharp but its veiled. satire continues to be the best form of social commentary.

+ + + + uh, radio show tomorrow night. its gonna be a noisier one.

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i've lived on a dirt road all my life. [24 Jul 2006|09:29pm]
+ + + + i need to just go ahead and tell my parents that i smoke weed. life here would be 110% better. i've had sort of a private jam here the past two nights with the parents gone to the beach. yeah i burnt a few cdr's for the occassion, even lined up movie options (uh, 2001: a space odyssey?). so yeah, this freedom is a big deal to me. last night on the porch, listening to nature make its own music and own forms of entertainment, i came across this scene which could only be called an affirmation of life. tonite is more of the same, except for maybe a small tv indulgence for tony bourdain's no reservations.

+ + + + as good as last night was, i could never truly get comfortable. if life has taught me anything lately, its at that moment when you are totally content that disaster will strike. i'm trying to shake this outlook. but sitting on the porch in the middle of a corn field is full of minor terrors. like the mothras at night and the giant locusts during day and when all the shadows start to resemble people. but i have to realize these little distractions are natural and are imposing a structure of threats where there are none. the key is to ignore that shit in pursuit of something better.

+ + + + fifa06 has me on lock lately. i upped the difficulty level and its a whole new ballgame. anticipation is high for the euro seasons to begin. during the world cup i learned how to truly watch soccer with a tactical eye. my newcastle boys are already rolling with qualification for the uefa cup and the signing of maybe the best wide player in the premiership, damien duff.

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oscillations oscillations [14 Jul 2006|11:39pm]
[ mood | perplexed ]

monday cant get here fast enough! i'm going into debt (albeit to myself!).

top band of the moment is silver apples. makes me want to drop acid and frolic around a bonfire.

also, if youre wearing this shirt then you have very little connection to trapping or anyone who would consider themselves a trapper. sometimes shit like this gets on my nerves. if i were to wear this in south carolina, knowing the people i know, i doubt the black dudes i call friends would ever talk to me again. i'm obviously not a trapper and anyone who really deals in that sorta stuff would never wear such a shirt. its like saying "hi!! i have drugs in my pocket!!". yeah. this shirt is reserved for urban hipsters living in a totally disconnected pretend world. people with so little interaction with actual "ghetto" black people that they could get away with it without being totally made fun of. dont get me wrong. the design is nice but i dunno about what that shirt is supposed to say.

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we were young and it was summer. [10 Jul 2006|07:55pm]
[ mood | determined ]

well, i'm officially a loser. twenty-two years old and back living with the parents. i've rationalized this decision to within an inch of my life and mental stability, mostly fearing it may be a huge mistake to give up the convenience of the big city. living thirty minutes from work and play used to seem daunting, like i was throwing away an hour each day on the road. but theres something liberating about those early morning / late night drives. closeness to people and places will be missed. however, lately i've backed my existence into a three block radius. and i feel i've exhausted and i am exhausted by drinking and nightlife and searching for that ideal "crazy night out" i used to crave but rarely ever find.

so back to base and time to regroup.

i've honestly been living in a rut for the past year, ever since i graduated. working hard just to live has sapped my ability to even attempt to better my situation (go to grad school). at the parents i dont have to worry about dedicating money to rent, food, and casual drug usage (smokes, beer, et al).

i'm looking forward to building my library. the amazon wishlist has grown exponentially as of late. i will be able to spruce up my wardrobe. i can save cash for a future move to an apartment populated by ikea furniture (i'm sick of the college shabby chic living environment). taking steps for a more comfortable and desirable future, i will get my shit together for grad school and the JET program. if i find myself back in school or eating sushi in japan this time next year...well then i can look back at this decision as a particularly good one.

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[04 Jul 2006|09:00pm]
[ mood | sweaty ]

no power at 607 so this entry finds me at the parents, not sweating and properly entertained. a communication breakdown (not involving myself) led sce&g to dutifully and mercilessly shut down the house in the dead, still heat of july.

the past four days or so i've been living fat, doing things that doctors or lawyers or people who make more money than i do can pull off with ease. i've poured a good amount of money into local institutions and now its time to retreat back into my shell of extreme paranoia-induced financial responsibility. i hate eating taco bell. and i hate thinking about every cent that i spend.

it seems like the general consensus of summer is that its a time for positive interaction. maybe its in the weather. in this heat that makes us suffer and thrive, people take on a new light, like we are all in this together. nightlife definitely has more of a spark. also having a beer on your porch, amongst many other things. i love the way summer breathes life and adventure into most everything.

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allez les bleus!!! [02 Jul 2006|10:36pm]
[ mood | appreciative ]

man of the hour, zinedine "zizu" zidane for his display of brilliant artistry against brazil. it was the most perfect display i've ever seen from any soccer player. couple zidane with the emerging french team, who is just now playing to their great potential, i'm behind les bleus all the way to the world cup title.

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[25 Jun 2006|10:04pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

thank you pitchfork media for the music video guide. in concert with youtube, this list has given me an evening of reupping with brain-flipping old faves and newcomers to my video bookmarks.

ghostface killah - "ironman". singlehandedly convinced me that speedracer was some kinda cool cultural thing. also thanks to brandon sharpe for accepting my shitty filter cd and in return for the 36 chaaaamberrrrs.

chemical brothers - "elektrobank". soooo epic and riding on the coattails of keri strugg's disney-like story. hey spike jonz directed this too! such a great song too with that sick buzzing breakdown. i think people often forget how awesome the chemical brothers are. i lost faith for a while but their vids dvd and rediscovering "exit planet dust" got me reaquainted.

chicago bears 1985 roster - "the super bowl shuffle". thank you america for allowing athletes to ascend to such self-absorbed, absurd heights so that something like this song could come about. "samurai" mike singletary being so stiff and his morgan freeman "classically trained black actor" flow. this video reminds me of playing tecmo bowl and not going to church.

ronnie james dio - "holy diver". living the dream! yeah! beastmaster was a great movie!

journey - "separate ways". definitely my favorite music video of all-time. i love seeing shit in progress, like how they were basically trying to figure out how to make a video. i like to think they found the answer with this one.

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nuggetz [18 Jun 2006|09:55pm]
[ mood | philosophical ]

+++ today was the first day for a week that i did not wear shorts. say what you will about the fashion drawbacks and exposed calves, but during the summer (in SOUTH CAROLINA) shorts are a necessity. and if you wear shorts, make sure they are shorts (see: cut off at or above the kneecap) and not pants rolled up and certainly not long shorts or short pants. shorts are shorts are shorts. and my shorts happen to be cut-off dickies because its tough to find nice shorts that aren't like parachutes pants or ones that have cargo pockets or with those dumb carpenters loops where you are supposed to hang what exactly?

+++ when i drink coffee, i drink four or more cups. because without that rollercoaster caffeine buzz then whats the point? the comedown sucks but just accentuate it with some weed, it'll work out nice for you.

+++ after many years in the dark, i have discovered the consumer siren song that is amazon. all the books are like thirty-percent off. i can buy all the sin city books for $75. its so ridiculous to me how cheap amazon. i feel like there is a catch somewhere. like the books will dissolve after a week.

+++ putting the majority of my words into text makes me forget that not everything that i say verbally has to be totally original or stimulating. communicating thru text makes me analyze my words in a way that has to be too perfect.

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heavier things [17 Jun 2006|10:27pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

nearly six hours after the usa v. italy match and i'm still beat. never have i felt so drained, both emotionally and physically, after a game. today's performance was a needed reminder of why i get so behind american soccer and the beautiful game as a whole. now i'm left to be a basketcase until we play again on thursday but i wouldnt have it any other way.

espn's grant wahl sums it up better than i ever could, "Genuinely one of the best football games I've seen in my life. And make no mistake, that was football out there tonight. Hard-nosed, violent, every inch of the field contested, fan inspired, battling, in spite of the ref, dramatic, passionate, breathless football. The atmosphere was evangelical, a communion of faith, doubt, determination and fear between the opposing players and the opposing fans."

tonite at work i sold the new sonic youth cd to an older black man who also purchased heather headley and the gospel soundtrack. and no, i didnt have to $hill anything. the man asked me what it was, listened to a few more tracks, and promptly bought the damn thing. totally random but alright, whatever.

my great-grandmother is in the hospital and it doesnt seem she has much time left. she has lived ninety successful years, rearing a large and closely-knit family. i will remember her most for her unwavering kindness. and the many weekends i spent with her watching nickelodeon and drinking her sweet tea, which is basically the archetype for the perfect glass of sweet tea. evelyn mack, we're going to miss you.

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fattie boom boom [09 Jun 2006|12:06am]
[ mood | beat ]

picked up some mallo cups and chocolate milk at the gas station tonite. needed a pick me up after a long day at work, a long evening of smoking and drinking, and a long radio show in our stuffy coffin of a studio. i could wax all about mallo cups and it being an iconic classic candy, but this fine review says it all for me. just click on that fancy packaging.

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gastronomia [07 Jun 2006|10:11pm]
[ mood | foody ]

tonite i fixed beer brats for myself, drowned in warsteiner dunkel with red peppers, onions, and mushrooms. a total dude meal to say the least. may this be the beginning of a home cooking odyssey.

today at work a co-worker remarked that proscuitto looks disgusting. granted, a side(?) of proscuitto looks like a giant tumor, it is delicious. i don't think you can draw lines when you eat meat, at least not based on *what* something is (as opposed to how it tastes, texture, etc). its all dead animal flesh. i would eat tripe, kidney, tongue, or whatever as long as its prepared properly.

i'd maybe even eat elk's penis if it came down to it.

i've been meaning to go get some fried chicken livers and gizzards. some things you have to get in season. with fried chicken innards you have to get them from a southern gas station. and have plenty of texas pete on hand. before you wonder "i thought jordan was all cultured and bourgeios", please remember that i grew up in podunk, south carolina with a dad who was all too familiar with the sort of cuisine that is born from poverty. apparently growing up he ate spam fried rice regularly, not from any asian influence (they didn't exist here back then) but from sheer necessity. because you can only eat rice so many times before you decide to try and do some other shit to make it seem less like rice.

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